Indian Border Decorative Seagrass Storage Box

3 Blue Owls - Indian Border Decorative Seagrass Storage Box
Product DetailsA natural fiber collection - hand-made use of seagrass weaving adorned with traditional borders, this is a modern twist on age-old craft. An attractive decorative storage round box with traditional craftsmanship, this storage box comes in four attractive colors: Teal Blue, Blank, Brown, and Green. The box measures 9 inches in diameter and has a height of about three inches.The use of the traditional craft of seagrass weaving to create well-designed and useful items like decorative storage boxes, coasters, table mats, decorative pillows, floor mats, etc. is popular in the southern Indian regions of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. A complex process involving the rare skill of the craftsmen, it also helps to sustain livelihood in small villages. Fairtrade, handmade and eco-friendly. The use of Zari borders adds the cultural flavor that is often seen in traditional Indian clothing especially during weddings and other festivities. The coloring on each piece is unique and may vary. Please allow for imperfections that are true characteristics of handmade craft.